Thursday, September 26, 2013

::KISAH14:3 thn sudah berlalu...::


its already been 3 years..suddenly i remember...i think i have a blog..what was it? try to google it..but no i blog is life, learn,love.. yup!haha.. forget already..ohooo.. n my name is bunga old school..yeah..but i dont have any intention to change it though..ihikk

wut ever it is..i am 25 this year! yeay..about 1/4 of decade..hummm...still have long journey to go...

currently i am an engineer..alhamdulillah..working with my dream company..(really?i still love my company..hehe) almost 2 years of working.. of course..i am waiting...

waiting for wut???opkos.. i am gonna MARRIED soooooonnn...

ok.berangan nk kahwin mcm irma..(pinjam photo dr oh bulan)

I cant believe it..but it is far 80% preps already done...just a simple but wut i hope most is berkat dr ALLAH S.W.T..

Not having enough time to go back to do the preps...why???since im working far far away from my home...(bajet i tggl kt obersea jahhh..anoyying kan...:D still..i mmg stay over the sea..sarawak kot..)
what ever bunga berduri..

i still yet not finish inviting my friends using cards..have no time..since buzying with my academy...

but its okay..i can handle it..insyaALLAH.. may ALLAH ease our journey..

sooo..thats all for today..

if igt or RAJIN esok..akn udate lg..bye my old blogggg..muah..

assalamualaikum.. :)

PS: muka selepas 3 thn kemudian.. :)

yup..its me..from side view.. :)

this is front

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